Unified Marketing

Marketing. PR. Advertising. Promotions. Design. Combined.

There is simply no room for inefficiency when it comes to the arts sector; with increasing competition for audiences and decreasing government support, it is vital that every marketing dollar be maximized. That’s why we get involved in every last facet of the campaign.

From ticket pricing to ad design, from marketing to media relations, we work closely with our clients to make sure every element functions together harmoniously. In doing so, our campaigns gain a special synergy and momentum that creates a sense of the client being “everywhere”, leading to impressive results.

We believe that arts marketing should be an authentic extension of the art itself. By ensuring the essence, ideas, and emotions of a piece are accurately reflected in its communication materials, we build audiences who arrive informed, excited, and in droves.


Media Relations

Raising awareness. Building reputation. Earning Trust.

There are thousands of journalists writing, recording, and broadcasting to millions of individuals every minute of every day. We work with our clients to craft their accomplishments into timely, relevant stories journalists want to tell and audiences want to hear.

Using strategic insight and thorough research, our process begins by identifying our clients’ key opinion-influencing publications and outlets.

From here, we use press releases, publicity stunts, and customized pitches, coupled with our tenacious – no stone left unturned – approach, to ensure that target audiences are made aware of our clients’ products, services and brands, while enjoying significant coverage, increased awareness, and profile.


Digital Marketing

Your New Favourite Toy.

Advertising used to come down to the size of the budget. The BIG guys (you know who we’re talking about) dominated with full page ads and primetime commercials. The little guys were stuck on the sidelines.

The internet levelled the playing field.

With our sophisticated digital marketing toolkit, MPMG is able to reach arts + culture consumers like never before. Whether we’re rolling out social, search, display, programmatic, or video, our campaigns go far beyond simply telling audiences to buy tickets – they give them compelling + exciting reasons to do so.


Marketing + Advertising

Connect and Compel.

Marketing is a broad topic. It covers everything from TV commercials to print advertising, event sponsorships to online banner ads, direct mail to guerilla marketing stunts. Our definition of marketing is a simple one: get the right message to the right audience via any means necessary.

To accomplish this, we start fresh with each client. Taking their unique nature and business goals into account, we begin with a strategic process that determines: who they need to reach, how it is we can reach them, and what will be the most compelling way in which to do so.

From this carte blanche approach we develop original, effective campaigns that exceed expectations and deliver quantifiable results.


Social Media

Stop Talking to People.
Start Talking With Them.

The online world allows us to connect and engage with customers in ways that were never before possible. It’s a technological jungle out there and navigating the array of tools and platforms can be an overwhelming process.

We take a straightforward, de-mystified approach to our clients’ online presence. Starting with the organization’s goals, we work backwards to arrive at what social media tools will reach the desired audience and generate the desired outcome.

Whether it’s conversation platforms like Twitter and Facebook, setting up a blog to share company and production news, or comprehensive promotions involving microsites and online video – we find the right solution and roll it out in a fun, original way.


Design + Brand Development

Radiate Personality.

The expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” has stuck around for a reason. An organization’s brand should instantly convey emotion, personality, and overall identity, leaving customers with an instant impression thousands of words won’t change. Whether we’re designing a website, advertisement, billboard, or stationary package – we ensure every piece of creative is an impressive, authentic, and striking reflection of the client’s core brand and values.



Say What You Mean.
Mean What You Say.

Language is a tremendously evocative and expressive tool. The right combination of words can make a case, close a sale, change an opinion, and unlock a world of possibilities. Whether we are writing a grant application, a season brochure, website copy, or an award application, we are meticulous in selecting and crafting language that will accurately represent the brand and have the desired effect upon the reader.