City Sounds: The Tourist Company (Part Two)

In part two of The Tourist Company edition of City Sounds, we were fortunate enough to have caught up with the group after they performed at Fortune Sound Club for the Peak Performance Project’s Top 12 showcase. We spoke to them about the competition and their high-energy performance. 


LMPR: How has the Peak Performance Project been?


Jillian: It’s so much fun.


All: Yeah!


Taylor: We’ve learned so much because we’re pretty new. A lot about the business strategy and the planning side of it.


Josué: Even just little details – there’s even a stylist.  In the pictures that we took [tonight], I’m wearing a print shirt and everyone else is wearing solids. It’s just a small detail but it’s something about this business.


Taylor: It is all about the details.


the peak performance project - tourist company


LMPR: How did you feel about your performance tonight?


Jillian: I was really happy with it! It was a lot of fun. And I didn’t fall in my boots!


Brenon: Yeah, I thought it was great.


tourist 2


LMPR: What’s your favourite thing about performing at smaller venues like Fortune Sound Club?


Brenon: I like playing at smaller venues. Once you get to a certain number of people, it’s not individuals,  it’s just kind of a big thing that moves around. This is cool because you can see when people are singing back to us. In our first song, we had the crowd sing back to us. When we were practicing we were like, what if people don’t sing back to us?! [Laughs.] We sang it, then we waited and, we were like yeah! Things like that, the crowd – you know they’re into it because they give you something back.


Jillian: I love when you’re performing and there’s a moment and the audience is surprised by what you do. And you can tell they’re like “that’s so cool!” and you feed off of their reaction.


torusit 3


The Tourist Company went on to place in the Top Three of the Peak Performance Project. A warm congratulations to them!  


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