EXPLORE: New MPMG Team Members’ Top Online Resources

Get to know the latest additions to the MPMG team through their go-to online resources!

We asked our newest staff members:
As an arts marketer, what is your favourite online source for news and/or inspiration and why?

PAMELA CHURCHILL, Digital Coordinator

As an arts marketer + visual arts enthusiast, one of my favourite online sources of inspiration is Kimberly Drew’s Instagram @museummammy. Drew is a curator and the former Social Media Manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and her impact on the art world exemplifies the incredible power of marrying the arts and digital media. Ever since founding her popular Black Contemporary Art Tumblr blog, Drew has continued to leverage digital spaces to provide a platform for artists who otherwise might go unrecognized in an art world wherein female and culturally marginalized creators continue to be under-represented. Drew’s fascinating and visually stunning Instagram is an inclusive place to discover new artists and artistic initiatives, and a window into the wide-reaching success that can be achieved when arts + activism meets smart online marketing.

ASHLEY DANIEL FOOT, Communications Strategist

Next Draft is the newsletter I most look forward to receiving every day! It is a witty, pithy and clever rundown of the day’s top 10 most essential news stories, curated and selected by the Internet’s managing editor, Dave Pell.  The stories are important, moving, hilarious, and sometimes just weird. Next Draft finds the signal in all the noise and, as an arts marketer, I find Next Draft essential in understanding the overall cultural landscape we exist in.

BEN LANGE, Promotions + Community Outreach Coordinator

I definitely gain a lot inspiration and ideas from social media accounts that I follow. One of my favourite artsy Instagram accounts is Ballet BC. It is visually stunning and I always look forward to seeing their newest posts. it is refreshing to see original content that is visually stunning and cohesive, creative and tells a story.

ELLA BATTEN, Communications Strategist

I have a few places I turn to for inspiration and resources.

Hill Strategies is my go-to resource for fact-based analysis. This Canadian company specializes in research across arts and culture sectors. Experts in applying social science research methods to arts and culture, Hill Strategies constantly provide insightful understanding of Canadian arts disciplines. When I need facts, this is where I go.

Alternatively, Artist Producer Resources is a great place for people starting out or marketing their own work. This was a favourite site through university and when I was a recent grad!

Most importantly though, when I need to laugh, I visit the @plubicrelations Instagram channel. #BalancedLife

ANGELA VANNATTER, Communications Coordinator

The idea that a creative product or experience can be so vulnerable and personal, yet expose themes that are so universally relatable is something I think is really powerful and unique to the arts industry. One of my favourite artists is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. I particularly enjoy her Instagram account because I feel it is very representative of the artistic process. She is constantly sharing visual art, poetry, street art, literature, and other musical inspiration that all bleed into her own creative products. I think it is important for those in the arts to draw inspiration from one another, even across disciplines. Art is meant to be collaborative, and I enjoy gaining some insight as to what influenced some of my favourite pieces of music through Florence’s account as well as seeing the community she is able to foster through art!

PETER HARTE, Marketing Strategist
A big resource for me when I’m looking for alternative events in Toronto is Yohomo.ca. Believe it or not, they are Toronto’s only online community completely dedicated to LGBTQ2+ arts, culture, and nightlife. In addition to being an online hub for everything queer going on in the city, the contributors to this site keep an active blog with inspirational, educational, and often historical content. This site is also a fantastic resource for anyone visiting Toronto and looking for something to do outside of your typical tourist traps.

The nerd in me looks forward to the monthly updates that Kurzgesagt posts on their YouTube channel. They are a Munich-based design studio who inspire people to learn through their distinct animation videos and help raise awareness in topics from the fields of science, space, technology, biology, history and philosophy – all explained in laymens terms with good humour. Be prepared to travel down a YouTube hole if you visit their channel.

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