LEARN: PR Trend Forecast for 2024

When it comes to pitching the arts and creative industries, it’s more important than ever to build a strategic approach in order to secure media coverage. Shrinking newsrooms, clickbait headlines, and an increasingly volatile world create barriers to PR success. Here are some of our top tips to help break through the fray:

Consider a socially conscious or hard news hook to pique the media’s interest. Find ways in which your performance or event can be linked to timely topics of interest, such as climate change, Indigenous stories, BIPOC experience, higher interest rates, economic uncertainty, funding challenges, etc. 

Get personal. It’s increasingly important to the media that artists share personal stories – such as life experiences that have inspired their work, challenges they have overcome or life lessons that have informed their artistic practice. This approach helps artists appeal to as broad of an audience as possible.

Tailor your outreach. Write individual pitches to each media outlet, making your offer as specific to each journalist’s needs as possible. Where appropriate, offer top tier media an exclusive opportunity, such as backstage access, entry to a closed dress rehearsal, or an interview not offered to other media.

Provide “print-ready” materials. With smaller news teams, it’s increasingly important to have all necessary materials to file a story at the ready. Before the campaign launch be sure to have a well-written press release, backgrounder, bios, high-resolution images, and b-roll available to help save the media critical time and get you one step closer to securing your story.

Amplify your message through non-traditional formats. Look beyond traditional media to increase brand awareness, such as local podcasts, newsletters, and niche blogs.

Tap into the power of influencer marketing. Create exclusive influencer events to help gain massive exposure through social media. Consider offering influencers VIP tickets to your show or festival, a takeaway gift bag or basket, drink or food tickets, exclusive backstage meet and greets with artists, and an Instagram-worthy backdrop for photo opps.

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