On the Page: Favourite Cookbooks (Part Two)

This week the rest of the team is thrilled to share their favourite cookbooks. We discuss everything from delicious vegan treats to home brewed beer to Southern cooking. All of which offer an abundance of recipes that are sure to having you running to the kitchen! 

Laura Murray – Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon 

attachmentI first stumbled across this plentiful book when my husband – post Christmas – decided to recalibrate his eating habits by eliminating meat and turning vegan. Admittedly, I had my doubts – and waged my bets – as to how long his newfound veggie craze would last. But lo and behold, five months later, veggies continue to rule our roost.

We certainly can’t proclaim we’ve eliminated meat entirely from our diets, but with the exceptional help of author Angela Liddon’s easy, delicious recipes like ‘Favourite Veggie Burgers’ (now our go-to burger!) and ‘Squash and Chickpea Moroccan Stew’ – we really do feel like we’re glowing from the inside out!

Sarah Cruickshank – Eat St. by James Cunningham


I’m a big fan of the cooking channel. So naturally, my favourite cookbook is thecompanion to my all-time favourite show – Eat St.

This entire book features recipes from the tastiest, messiest, and most irresistible food trucks across North America and the U.K. Recipes range from quick and easy salads, to exotic noodles, to totally astonishing culinary creations – one of my personal favourites, though admittedly un-tasted, is the mac and cheese ice cream cones with candied bacon. It sounds out of this world!

As a go-to dinnertime favourite, I’ll often whip up the Malaysian Lime-Chili Tofu Grilled Burrito made with a to-die-for peanut sauce. This recipe is extra-special; it’s a popular dish from Roaming Dragon, one of the first food trucks ever featured on the hit show, based here in our own backyard!

Jesse Tanaka – The Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian 

UntitledLike the thug that she is, Shona stole my selection for favourite cookbook. So I decided to off the board to craft beer making.

Homemade beer and wine often makes people cringe, but if it’s done properly, you can create some tasty drinks without all of the preservatives of commercial brews. There’s something so satisfying about filling and bottling your own concoction after weeks of waiting. If you’re looking for a great new hobby to try with friends, skip cooking and try fermenting.

Hanah van Borek – Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible by Paula Deen


Around our house we believe in food that’s unapologetically generous with the butter and crisco. From cheese burger meatloaf to southern chili in a biscuit bowl, the recipes are diabetes inducing and delicious!

The irony of course being the world’s great “shock” when Paula announced that she had succumbed to the disease, which later became overshadowed by another unfortunate controversy. Nevertheless, while I can’t agree with her values, and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat her recipes more than a meal a week, I do enjoy the comforting feeling I get in both making and eating her creations.


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