The Week in Review: June 30


Vancouver Dances on the Edge

The 26th annual Dancing on the Edge Festival hit stages across Vancouver this Thursday. The festival celebrates the very best in contemporary dance across Canada featuring over 70 performers for the 10 day event.

dancing on the edge


Lottery Winner Donates to Arts

Tennessee Powerball winner, Roy Cockrum plans to donate the majority of his $259 million winnings to the performing arts. Prior to his good fortune, Cockrum spent 20 years working in the arts as an actor and stage manager for theatre and TV productions.

powerball winner



Google Acquires Songza

The ever expanding tech giant, Google acquired the popular music streaming service Songza this week. Google continues its rapid expansion into the music industry, which recently launched Google Play Music into the Canadian market.


Hurricane Arthur Forces Cancellation 

Hurricane Arthur has forced promoters of the Stan Rogers Folk Music Festival in Canso, Nova Scotia, to cancel for the first time in 17 years. Despite the huge financial blow associated with cancellation costs, the festival has received a huge outpouring of support from the musical community, with donations rolling in from across North America, and patrons offering to donate their tickets rather than accepting a refund.



Toronto Symphony Orchestra Tailgates

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra held a hugely successful tailgate party this week as part of the Luminato arts festival. The unlikely combination of burgers, beer, and a Shostakovich concert was just one of the organizations latest bold moves to widen its audience with a fresh young crowd.

TSO Tailgate

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