Unscripted. Unstaged. Josh Beamish.

Unscripted. Unstaged. is an interview series from Laura Murray Public Relations that speaks with fascinating artists, advocates, administrators, and other individuals who keep the Canadian artistic community visible, viable, and vibrant.
This week we spoke with Josh Beamish, Artistic Director of MOVE: the company, a contemporary dance company located in New York and Vancouver, BC. The young choreographer, dancer, and arts administrator is a highly sought-after creator, whose work has been showcased internationally, including performances at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai by Cirque du Soleil and Thai Opera House during the Bangkok International Festival. He is currently in New York working on a new full-length work featuring Wendy Whelan and Robbie Fairchild, Principal Dancers at New York City Ballet.

Josh BeamishQ: If we were introduced at a party – what are the three things you would be excited to share about yourself?

I’d definitely be excited to talk about my recent relocation to New York City and that I haven’t been this inspired and content in years. The energy of this city aligns perfectly with my objectives and values. I finally feel like I’ve found where I belong.


You’d probably also comment on my prematurely grey hair, after which I’d let you in on the fact that I started going grey at age 13. I’d also probably be excited to tell you about my favourite espresso places in every city I’ve traveled to.



Q: If we checked your nightstand, what books would we find you reading right now?


No books… Grant application guidelines would be the closest I get to books these days, but I usually read those in pdf form.


Q: If we checked your computer, what favourite sites would be bookmarked?


Comingsoon.net, AwardsDaily.com, Facebook, all of my email accounts, and DanceNYC. I’m a not so closet movie lover and I check Oscar prediction and movie news sites daily. I even make my own movie awards at the end of each year. I’ve done this since 1998, when I awarded Best Picture to Pleasantville.


Q: How did you come to do what you do – was there a defining moment you can tell us about?


My mom is actually a ballet teacher, which is how I started dancing. From an early age I demonstrated an interest in choreography and just followed that path naturally to directing a dance company. After seven years of running a full-time company in Vancouver, I elected to shift my focus back to project work. I’ve relocated to New York where I will continue to create work in partnership with the MOVE: the company society based back in Vancouver. I’m excited to bring new American collaborators to Vancouver audiences and to see my choreographic identity grow and develop as a result.


Q: When it comes to marketing, is there a particular campaign or a poster, advertisement, or promotion that made a significant impact or that stands out in your mind?


Interesting question, I loved the marketing campaign for Alberta Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet a few years back. The posters were gorgeous and somehow they made me think that I liked the ballet before I’d even seen it. I also think that Sean Farrell and Chito Yoro, at NG Farrell Marketing, have done a really great job with our campaigns since 2009. I like when a company develops a marketing identity, but each new show really takes on a life of its own within the promo. They’ve been great at finding that balance.



Q: Lastly, what inspires you?


Music, the people I meet, the people I see on the subway while I’m listening to music, my dancers, movies, images, odd things people say, love.



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