Week In Review: April 6

Superhero Shuts Down Viaduct

X-men spinoff, Deadpool, has taken over Vancouver – shutting down the Georgia Viaduct for filming over a period of two weeks. Starring Vancity native Ryan Reynolds, known for his roles in Green Lantern and The Proposal, the Marvel flick is expected to hire 1,000 people and spend over $37.5 million in the city – making the closure approval a no-brainer for City Officials. Despite complaints from commuters, the viaduct will be closed from April 5-18, with a detailed schedule to be found on the city’s website.

Ryan Reynolds Twitter

Prince Harry Hates on Selfies

In a recent trip to Australia, Prince Harry was caught on film denying a selfie request with a young fan.  Despite doubling back to take a “normal” photograph with the girl, the Prince has received criticism – and support – for his display of hatred towards the cultural phenomenon that is the selfie.

Welcome to British Colombia

Several obvious spelling errors have been circulating the internet following an April 7 event hosted by the Prime Minister of Canada. In the province of British Columbia to announce several major changes to Canada’s Student Loan program, PM Stephen Harper was criticized heavily by the media when it became apparent that their exclusive media passes included multiple typos.

British Columbia Typo

The Sonnet Project Garners Global Attention

Giving Shakespeare’s sonnets a technological twist, the New York Shakespeare Exchange is embarking on The Sonnet Project, a series of short films for each of Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets. Featuring a single sonnet and a unique New York City backdrop, the project began in 2013 and recently wrapped it’s 100th film. The group is hoping to bring people in touch with Shakespeare through social media while drawing attention to the importance of poetic education in high schools.

William Shakespeare

Pianist dropped from TSO Concerts

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa has been cut out of her performances with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in response to hostile tweets against the Ukrainian Government. The controversial cancellations have sparked an outcry of response in support of freedom of speech, claiming that Lisitsa is being wrongfully punished for her personal – yet very public – opinion on the state of Ukrainian affairs.

Valentina Lisitsa

Renegade Productions Beats Eviction

After experiencing shut-down shock earlier in the week, Renegade Productions has been told that it may keep it’s doors open upon the compliance of fire and safety standards. Renting out the former Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company‘s production facility to musicians, visual-artists, and theatre companies in the community, Renegade Productions was given notice of possible eviction upon inspection by the city, to which they were provided no feedback.  With the threat temporarily removed, Renegade can now continue to facilitate art in Vancouver under new architectural accommodations.

Renegade Productions


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