Week in Review – March 2

Researchers Create Music to Meow to

Psychologists at the University of Wisconsin have developed feline-friendly music, based on research proving that cats enjoy jamming out just as much as humans do. Creating custom songs specifically designed to appeal to felines, the team of researchers have mixed beats to fall into the same range of frequency used in cat communication, they even include tempos that match the beat of a purr.

Live Long and Prosper, Leonard Nimmoy

On the morning of Friday, February 27, Leonard Nimoy passed away in his Los Angeles home. Announcing last year that he had been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the actor’s wife confirmed that he had succumbed to the disease at 83 years old. Nimoy was best known for his role as first officer Spock in the popular TV series ‘Star Trek’.

Child Performer Law Overhaul Claims Victory

Child performance regulations for television and theatre have been updated, following a decade long campaign to replace the previous regulations that were set in place in 1968.  The 2014 overhaul was presented to BBC’s Radio Theatre last week, permitting children to work later hours both on stage and on screen. The new regulations allow for a more “common sense approach” to child licensing in the entertainment industry.

NYCB Launches Third Annual ‘Art Series’ 

The New York City Ballet has created a fusion of visual art and dance in order to attract a new, younger audience. Their third annual ‘Art Series’ – an innovative, collaborative program which appeals to a more artistic, youthful crowd- features large-scale works, a DJ, and free beer for only $29. This years installation features “Psychogeographies”, surreal sculptures by artist Dustin Yellin.

Dustin Yellin


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