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City Sounds: Dominique Fricot

In this edition of City Sounds we were lucky enough to catch up with genre-defying musician, Dominique Fricot. We discussed his humble beginnings, the remarkable… keep reading

Insight on: Influence (Part One)

Insight on… is an LMPR blog series that examines marketing principles in practice with successful industry examples and explores what makes them effective. LMPR recently… keep reading

Moving BackWord : Comedy & Tragedy

Exploring etymology, Moving BackWord looks into the history and meaning behind artistic terminology. From its ancient origination to modern adaptation, each word contains a backstory much more… keep reading

Week In Review: April 6

Superhero Shuts Down Viaduct X-men spinoff, Deadpool, has taken over Vancouver – shutting down the Georgia Viaduct for filming over a period of two weeks. Starring Vancity native… keep reading