The Week in Review: October 28

New York Times Rejects Banksy
The notorious street artist was denied a spot in the New York Times popular op-ed section, so he self-published his article to his website−a scathing critique of the World Trade Centre mocked-up to look like the New York Times. Reportedly, the Times couldn’t agree on the article or the artwork to accompany it, so they decided to scrap it all together.


Colin Mochrie Publishes Book
Colin Mochrie has moved his talents for improv to the printed page and published his first book, Not Quite the Classics. The concept is genius: He starts and ends with the opening and closing lines of a famous literary work and improvises the rest.


Colin Mochrie


Film Artifacts Exhibition Opens in Toronto
David Cronenberg’s spooky, spectacular, and strange film memorabilia collection moves into the Toronto performance space TIFF Bell Lightbox. The exhibit titled David Cronenberg: Evolution marks the first major touring exhibition ever mounted by the Toronto International Film Festival.
Lou Reed Dies, Age 71
Velvet Underground star and legendary guitarist Lou Reed passed away on Sunday, October 27. Upon news of his death, fans, and other musicians were quick to honour the famous musician.
Perhaps the greatest tribute was a nine-minute version of Velvet Underground’s Oh, Sweet Nuthin from Neil Young, accompanied by My Morning Jacket and Elvis Costello, at the 2013 Bridge School Benefit:



Trial Begins for Bolshoi Ballet Dancer
Artistic Director Sergei Filin was left scarred and burned after an attacker flung sulphuric acid in his face this past January. The accused, soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko has pleaded not guilty to plotting the horrific incident and hiring an ex-convict to execute the attack.
100-Day Countdown to Sochi 2014
The Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad is coming to a climax as the forth year of the project−the “Year of Museum”−comes to a close. For Sochi, the Cultural Olympiad has been focused on preserving and increasing Russian culture. For the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, the programming was designed to showcase Canadian and international performing arts and culture to a global audience.


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