Q&A: Sarah Cruickshank

Coordinator, Marketing + Online Sarah Cruickshank is LMPR’s newest member of the team. With a background in dance and PR, Sarah looks forward to combining her passions and working with LMPR’s broad range of clients.


1) Tell us about yourself!


I’m a B.C. native who KariHeesePhotography-Sarah-8371grew up spending weekday nights and weekends in dance studios! Upon graduating from high school I wasn’t ready to stop dancing, and moved to Ontario for further training and education. It was out there where I first caught the contemporary dance bug!


Other hobbies and interests include anything outdoorsy–hiking, sailing, camping, surfing (occasionally!), and snowboarding.


2) How did you get into arts marketing?


I got to a point where I was feeling restless as a dancer, yet still felt a strong draw to the performing arts. I took a deep look inwards and realized I preferred to be behind the scenes supporting artistic friends in their own creative accomplishments, rather than on stage.


Still living in Toronto at the time, I reached out to several marketing professionals at arts organizations to learn about their experiences. From there I decided that this was the job for me and moved back to Vancouver to pursue formal PR and marketing education.


3) Which arts organizations inspire you?


As a dance student in Toronto I was always very moved by the dancers and dance pieces of Toronto Dance Theatre. Christopher House has an incredible vision that’s truly inspiring. I once had the opportunity to train under him for a semester and it was an experience I’ll never forget!


Additionally, I’ve always been inspired by Crystal Pite’s electric movement. I was 17 when I first saw her perform and have been following her career ever since.


4) What excites you about the arts in Vancouver?


The incredible pool of talent we have here. There are so many creative people living and working in Vancouver – musicians, dance artists, visual artists – the talent of these individuals has a truly positive impact on the texture of our cultural landscape.


5) What are you most looking forward to in your new role at LMPR?


I’m looking forward to getting more involved with and connected to the arts community in Vancouver. I’m also overjoyed to be learning more about marketing the arts from the incredibly talented team here at LMPR!



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